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Our 14 step process is designed to offer our clients an effective and repeatable method of identifying candidates for their specific hiring needs.
  1. Work with our client to clearly understand the position description and identify targeted candidate pool.
  2. Develop a marketing script, based upon conversations with our client, which we will utilize during our recruiting efforts.
  3. Develop a sourcing list comprised of competing companies & a list of potential candidates from our database.
  4. Conduct initial recruiting calls and screening of potential candidates to determine commitment and desires.
  5. Conduct in-depth profile of pre-qualified candidates to further determine goals, criteria and motivation.
  6. Conduct reference checks on candidates to confirm our evaluation of their experience and talents.
  7. Create a “Short List” of the most viable candidates to present to our clients.
  8. Schedule and confirm interview dates and times.
  9. Debrief candidate after the conclusion of the interview to determine interest level.
  10. Negotiate compensation requirements with candidate.
  11. Make offer presentations.
  12. Consult with candidate on resignation process and pitfalls of counteroffers.
  13. Perform on-boarding process with candidate.
  14. Maintain contact with candidate to ensure smooth transition to new company and alleviate concerns often encounter by new hires.
  • Confidential References are conducted by our staff with individuals outside the professional references provided by candidate
  • Professional References are conducted by our staff from the references provided by our candidate.
  • These are done utilizing data from information gathered during our daily activities in the market place, are updated on a Quarterly basis and available upon request.
    • (This survey is done as a courtesy for our clients, only uses data collected from candidates we work with and shows trends in the market place.)
  • Conduct in-depth debriefs with candidate and clients to evaluate party interest and determine if the interviewing process should move forward.
  • Make offer presentations to candidates to ensure acceptance and to identify potential problems.
  • Conduct follow up calls to ensure the resignation process is moving forward, identify potential problems such as counter offers and assist the candidate during the transition process.

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